+++ Drivers and freight forwarders, we are constantly looking for transport partners to team up with for regular roundtrips all year round. +++ +++ Drivers and freight forwarders, we are constantly looking for transport partners to team up with for regular roundtrips all year round. +++

The Hovanec Group operates a fleet of more than 100 trailers from our partner companies with differing routes between Germany/Benelux/France/Austria/Italy and more countries! Most of our loads have one loading and unloading placeAfter finishing the round trip, we will help you arrange your trip home.

We use google maps to calculate routes. On average our partner trailers drive between 10.000 – 12.000 km per month, with all km paid for, full and empty. We pay immediately after receiving your transport documents! We provide quick answers and information to our partners and we can be contacted 24h/day.

What we are looking for are standard tautliners or megatrailers with a min. of 18 straps, anti-slip mats, corner protectors and safety equipment for the driver. 

Fair, reliable and loyal cooperation is our aim. OUR TIMOCOM NUMBER IS 106.

If you want to start a trial period with us, email us at cargo@hovanec.de


Your qualified partner for road freight forwarding in all of Europe.

Our multicultural and highly skilled team offers you…

  • reliable and logistic execution for your transports
  • direct contact with your customers
  • rapid and competent service as a result of excellent co-operation with domestic and international partners
  • competitive prices by using optimized logistic processes

To be on the safe side…

  • we work exclusively in accordance with the guidelines of the (ADSp), Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen.
  • all trucks used are covered by CMR policy
  • our insurance partner is the Regent Insurance Brokers (Europe) GmbH in Duisburg

Our partners


Take advantage of our …

  • Strong network of sub-contractors in all of Europe

Our employees …

  • speak German, English, Polish, Italian, Greek, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Slovakian
  • take full responsibility for the complete disposition for the vehicles used

Our services:

  • 24-hour service
  • Partial and complete loads
  • Long-term projects, planned in advance, handle short notice, last minute transports for special terms and requirements
  • Special and express service with smaller trucks such as AVIA, DAF etc.
  • Next to standard lorries we can offer you Euro-saddle trailers, refrigerated and special lorries for transporting dangerous good and hazardous chemicals
  • tailored solutions for waste disposal transports

Insurance of goods and transport

  • Due to our close business relation with Regent Insurance Brokers, a well known and sophisticated insurance company we can offer you cost effective premiums.


Hovanec – Internationale Transporte GmbH

Your qualified partner for transport from east to west

We are a young and dynamic company established on 01.01.1996
The headquarters of the company is in
42719 Solingen,
Focher Str. 71a

Data and Facts

More than 25 years ago we started off as a forwarding agent for truck loads from and to Easter Europe.
With the expansion of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement the borders have been removed and the terms and conditions of road transport were redefined.
This had broadened our horizon and laid new paths – we have increased our range of services to all of Europe.

Our team is formed of workers who have professional knowledge as well as knowledge of cultural differences, and can therefore quickly respond to market demands.

business volume in Mio.2,73,24,36,28,67,99,59,87,8

“Wir arbeiten ausschließlich auf Grundlage der Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteurbedingungen (ADSp), jeweils neueste Fassung.
Bei internationalen Transporten / grenzüberschreitenden Transporten gilt das zwingende Recht der CMR. Die gesetzlichen Grundlagen sind auf unserer Seite zur Ansicht und Druck bereitgestellt.”